We Lead the Industry in Utah’s Digital Marketing Solutions

Rex Marketing is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider in Utah. We create custom strategies for each client based on their situation, needs and goals.

Our team is made up of marketers that know what it takes to get insane results online. We focus on the metrics that provide the most leads and revenue. We believe that hitting goals is important and drives businesses up the ladder. Our clients’ success is the greatest measure of our performance.

With years of experience, we’ve learned that each service we provide has its own advantages, but work best when strategically paired together with other services. 

The web and helping businesses grow and reach their goals is our passion. When you choose Rex Marketing as your digital marketing agency, you won’t get a cookie cutter strategy – instead you’ll get a custom strategy that fits your company’s needs and goals.

We Focus on Bringing Results to the Table.

Want to see the results we’ve provided to our clients? Take a peek at our portfolio to see examples, results and testimonials from our work.

Rex Marketing Increased Results

About Rex Marketing

Jac has been fascinated with the web since his early ages in school. In highschool he started an auto detailing company, but quickly realized the competition for leads was intense and came at a hefty price. He stayed up till 5am for months on end learning about digital marketing and implementing it into his own company. 

Eventually he realized that his passion for sales and marketing was more than just a passion, he wanted to help small businesses compete with large corporations. His ikigai (purpose in life) is to help companies grow enough to actually compete with large corporations and disrupt the monopoly in every industry.