How I created a million dollar company with $20

I only had $20 and very small monthly payments when I started my company. To start my million dollar company, It required lots of work and little to no pay at all for months. But in the end it really paid off. I want to share the process I used, to inspire the world to start a company of their own.

You can do anything you set your mind to, man -Eminem

Become Your Own Boss With A Million Dollar Company

It was January of 2020, the carwash & detail shop I worked for had just fired me. Funny thing is, my manager fired me for taking a smoke break. At the time he was hiring people and paying them significantly more than he was paying me, and had the audacity to make me train them.

I started a detailing business to prove I never needed a boss again. The goal was to turn it into a million dollar company. At that point I was sick of bosses, all they ever do is bend you over and screw you till you can’t walk. I only had $20 to my name and a car payment coming up. I didn’t have much time before I was broke myself.

Before I drove home from the company where I was fired, I pulled up Facebook marketplace. Somebody happened to be selling an entire car cleaning kit with half empty bottles for $15. I zoomed over and got setup with a ghetto shop vacuum, detail brushes, vinyl cleaner, vinyl protector, leather cleaner, leather protector, and glass cleaner for $15. On the way home I stopped at the auto-parts store and got me a set of microfiber towels for $5.

Now I was broke haha. It was barely the afternoon, so I used my time wisely and drove up to the rich neighborhoods and got to knocking doors. It took me about 10 doors before I found my first customer. I did the best job I could with the tools I had to do an interior detail to his Porsche. In return I got $100 and my mind was opened. At the time I felt like I just escaped the matrix.

Stay Financially Smart & RE-INVEST!!!

If I wanted to truly create a million dollar company, I had to play it smart. I split my money up into 3 different envelopes, Bills/Survival, Investment, Taxes. 30% of every check went towards bills/survival, 50% to investments, and 20% to taxes. This was crucial to keeping me afloat while scaling my business.

Every morning Monday – Saturday I would go knock doors to find customers and easily got on average 3-5 interior details a day. At the end of the week I had roughly $1200 in my investment envelope. So on Sunday I went shopping for more tools and chemicals. Soon enough I was able to offer Interior and Exterior details as well as Paint Correction.

Once I had a full list of offerings, I was only able to complete 3 details a day maximum. But I was making more money per detail and fully booked every morning after knocking. Every week I would have $2500 in my investment envelope. But I was eager to invest more. So I used my knowledge from marketing school to start marketing the business. It started with a website and social media pages.

million dollar company

Marketing Is Key

Once I had completely optimized my website and social media, I was ready to hit the door hard with ads. I was determined to make a million dollar company. It was June of 2020 and everywhere had shut down due to covid, and nobody would answer their doors when I was going door to door. I got kicked in the mouth and was completely reliant on my online presence. Luckily, I happened to be good at digital marketing, but ended up fully booked again without having to knock a single door.

I was curious to see what would happen if I optimized my website for the search engine (SEO) and sure enough 3 months later my website was ranking very high on google. Turns out, I ended up being fully booked for an entire week ahead. So I hit up some friends asking if they wanted a job. I hired 2 friends and bought double of every tool/chemical I had. Then they were able to bust out 3 details a day each, while I was able to bust out 3 myself. I was paying them very well, but with 9 details busted out each day I was still getting $4000 each week into my investment envelope.

Aftermath Of My Million Dollar Company

I decided to turn the ads up full blast and hire 11 more people. 1 to be a receptionist/salesman and the other 10 to do details. I had saved up $20k in my investment envelope and bought 6 shitty ford rangers for about $3k each. With all those employees, I decided to spend my time doing the marketing and not detailing or taking phone calls. At that point I each truck would get 5 details done each day and bring in a total of $54k each week. And after paying everybody, I was getting $13k in my investment envelope each week. I kept the business fully automated for the next year, so that I could keep learning digital marketing and implementing it into the business.

After that year had passed, I got a phone call pushed through from the receptionist. It was an investor, he wanted to invest into my company. But at that point I decided I wanted out of the business to start a marketing company. You see, without marketing I would never have gotten consistent leads each day. I would have never gotten to the point where I’d get a call from an investor. So I offered to sell the company to him, and he wanted in on it. After a week or two, we finally came to an agreement that I would sell the company to him for $1 million.

Bottom Line

If it wasn’t for my skills in marketing and putting in more time and effort to learn as much as I can about marketing, I would never have scaled the business as fast as I did. I would never have created a million dollar company. The GM at the carwash/detail shop where I was fired from actually started a detail company of his own after the company got shut down. To this day, he barely gets 6 details done each week. You see, his problem is he literally has no marketing set in place. He doesn’t reinvest his money into marketing AT ALL. But with me going all in on marketing, I skyrocketed my business to the moon and sold it for an amount I never in my life would have thought I would have.

If you don’t know much about marketing or you’re marketing strategies just aren’t working, then give me a call. I will give you a free 15 minute strategy call to set a strategy in stone for your company. And if you decide you want me to do it then I can even throw a quote into that strategy as well.

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