SEO for Roofers – Is it needed?

SEO for Roofers

Do you own a roofing company and spend an arm and a leg on advertisement? SEO for Roofers is a crucial strategy to boost revenue.

The biggest problem in the roofing industry is the competition. Thousands of roofers in your area are advertising to get deals. Therefore racking up the cost for ads. I’ll cover a few things in this post that will be crucial to you if you own a roofing company.

Is SEO Needed For Roofers?

There are more than 100,000 roofing companies in the United States alone. The problem is, it’s a highly competitive industry. The most common lead generation strategy for roofers is social media and Google. The average roofing company spends $3-5k each month on advertisement

If your roofing company is dependent on spending large sums of money to get customers, then SEO might be for you. SEO for roofers will actually give you the ability to scale your company even faster because you’re not renting leads from Facebook or Google. Each month you get SEO done to your website, the traffic to your website increases more and more each month. What that means for you, is eventually the SEO will be getting you more customers than advertisements will. The reason for that is because SEO is designed to push your website to the top of Google’s free listings and get you FREE traffic to your website!

How Important Is SEO For Roofers?

Is it important for you to spend money on advertisements? If so, SEO may actually be 10 times more important than ads. SEO gives you the ability to actually OWN your leads, rather than renting leads each month from Facebook or Google. Ads are a good way to get your company’s name out there, but SEO is the most important way to build authority and become the top roofing company in your area.

Benefits Of SEO For Roofers

If someone searches in Google ‘Roofer near me’, do you want your website to come up first? Most likely you said “yes”, but the problem is you are also most likely paying google to make that happen. SEO is designed to bring your website to the top of Google without constantly paying Google each month to be on top in their advertisement section. 80% of web viewers scroll past Google’s ads and click on 1 of the top 5 actual Google listings.

If you use SEO to skyrocket your website to the top 5 listings, then I can reassure you that your phone will be blown up nonstop. You may even have to hire a receptionist to deal with all the calls you start getting. SEO’s main benefit is to grow your revenue by boosting your website to the top of Google’s free listings.

At The End Of The Day..

If you are a roofer, then you have got to give SEO a shot for a minimum of 3 months. Due to the competition in the roofing industry, it will take at least 3 months to finally start ranking for keywords on Google. Then you can enjoy the process once your schedule is fully booked for weeks on end.

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